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How to write a Welcome Guide to impress your guests.

Your welcome guide is one of the most important things you can give your guests when it comes to your holiday rental. However, it takes time and effort to put together.

A welcome guide can be a great way to impress guests. It shows that you want them to experience the best that your area has to offer. It also shows to your guests that you’re a helpful host and you want their stay to be as stress-free and as comfortable possible.

For guests, the welcome guide is the port of call to find all of the information that they need for staying at your holiday rental. Since every holiday rental is different, guests need to know how to work your appliances, the house rules, and all the best bits your rental has to offer.

How to write a welcome guide and what to include

So now that you know why a welcome guide is so important for your holiday rental, you now need to know exactly how to write one.

Below are the important things you need to include when writing your welcome book.

1. Welcome & Meet the host

Offer a warm and friendly greeting. This is a chance for you to welcome your guest and to thank them for choosing your holiday rental.Share emergency contact information for if the guest need to contact you for something urgent. It is also a key place to put anything that the guests MUST know before then start their holiday.

Even if your guests don’t end up reading most of the other information that you included in your welcome guide, you should make sure that they have access to this information. Otherwise, they will probably contact you for help.

2. Location Information

This is optional and often depends on if you send the welcome guide to your guests a few days before they travel.

Even if most guests travel to your holiday rental by car, it’s a great idea to include local transport information in your welcome guide. This would include details such as how to get to your holiday rental by:

  • Car
  • Train / public transport
  • From the airport

3. Local Transportation Information

You will want to include anything from taxi numbers to bus timetables, schedules, directions, and other related to local transportation in your area. Some options you might want to consider include:

  • Taxi & Airport Shuttle Services
  • Bus and Train Schedules
  • Maps of the Local Areas

It’s also a good idea to provide brief instructions on how to get to the bus/ train station from your property as it may not be obvious to your guests. This information can be really helpful if you are located a little away from the city of if phone/network signal isn’t readily available.

It also great if you can share any tips that only the locals would know about getting around the area in which your holiday rental is located.

4. Check in & out details

This is where you give details on how your guests access your property once they arrive. If you have a key safety box it’s best that you do not include the code within your book if you are sending it out prior to your guests arriving.

This is a good place to put information about what your guests do when they are checking out. Do they need to put their bin bags in a certain location, do they need to put the dishwasher on as they leave, what do they do with dirty towels/bedding etc? These small things will greatly help you and your cleaners when you are turning your property around for your next guest.

5. House Rules

You have likely provided your house rules with in your holiday listing and when sending information prior to your guests arriving. However, make sure to reiterate your house rules within your welcome guide so that your guests are aware of them and they can access them at any time during their stay.

6. Out & About – Things to Do

This is where you can really showcase the best things for your guests to do while they are visiting your local area. Things like:

  • Nearest supermarket of local shops
  • Local cafes & restaurants
  • Shopping centres
  • Local attractions (museums, parks, historical places, zoo’s)
  • Local markets & festivals (farmer markets or food & drink festivals)
  • Night time entertainment (bars, breweries, theatres, live music)

It is likely that your guests will have done their homework before arriving at your holiday rental and will have made a few plans already but they will love to receive recommendations from a local.

Make sure that you include a variety of recommended things to do and see so that you appeal to a wide range of guests. Make sure that you include the website, address, and phone numbers of each of the recommended places or activities so that your guests can find them easily. You could also included recommended places within your social media page for your holiday rental too.

You should also let your guests know which recommendations you have personally enjoyed. That way guests won’t hold you accountable for the quality of the experience if they go to something that you haven’t personally visited.

7. How does it work? Instructions for Appliances and Electronics

Don’t leave your guests feeling frustrated just because they can’t figure out the heating system or how to work the microwave. Make sure you give them clear instructions on how to use items around your holiday rental.

Here are a few recommenced items to include instructions for\;

  • Microwave
  • Dishwasher
  • Heating system
  • Washer and Dryer
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • TV Remote and/or Netflix

Remember them more information you give them the less likely they are to ring you repeatedly to help them turn the tv on or get the washing machine working. It will also help you to avoid a surprise bad review for a problem that could have been easily resolved.

So there you have it! You now have the essentials for writing your perfect holiday rental welcome guide. I have also made it even easier as you can purchase welcome guide templates from my Etsy shop this will save you time and there are lots of designs to choose from to suit every holiday rental so why not check me out. Can’t find the one your looking for? Get in touch as I also offer a bespoke service too!

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How to write a Welcome Guide to impress your guests.