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What is a mood board? and why should I create one when designing my rooms?

Collecting inspiration from magazines, colour swatches and wallpaper samples all help when creating your initial design concept for a room. The easiest way to collate all this inspiration is through a mood board.

A mood board is an arrangement of images, materials, pieces of text, etc. intended to evoke or project a particular style or concept.

Oxford Dictionary

This can be lots of fun so it’s important to try not to over analyse all the pieces you have chosen at first. Once you have collected them all together it’s time to start editing it down.

Try to think of the type of feeling and atmosphere you want for your guest staying in your rental. This will help you pare down your inspiration pieces so that they begin to form a cohesive piece.

Concept mood boards v Complex mood boards

Concept mood boards can be created to provoke a idea, feeling or particular design aesthetic, while a complex mood board will be far more detailed. Concept mood boards help you when creating a free flowing design and often adapt many items during the design process; for these you only need a few pieces to help you come up with an initial idea.

Concept mood board

A complex mood boards have a lot more detail on them. They will identify the colours of the room while highlighting the main colour. They will usually show you the style of key pieces of furniture, tiles, wallpaper and some indication as to what accessories and fabrics will be used.

Complex Mood Board

Once you have created your mood board it is always a good idea to leave it a few days and then come back to it. This gives you time to digest and process your design before looking at it with a fresh pair of eyes which will allow you to edit your board until you find the design and style you have been searching for. Make sure your take pictures at each stage so that you can reference items that you may want to add back in.

When do I need to create a mood board?

Creating a mood board however simple or complex can greatly help you when it comes to purchasing things for your home. Have you ever gone into a shop wanting an item(s) for a room but not really knowing what direction or style you were looking for? A mood board will help solve that issue saving you many trips to the shop as your buying will become much more focused.

So all that’s left is for you to start creating and design your dream rooms! And if you feel you need some professional help with creating your mood board and design for your home, then just get in touch!

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What is a mood board? and why should I create one when designing my rooms?